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The music which you can't without when getting stuck on a deserted island.
It is our purpose to release the perfect music for this situation, with a frequency of 2 to 4 releases in a year.
Our emphasis will be focused on electronic music, devided into several sub-styles, which can be recognised easily by the color of the artwork.
We have decided to use costs saving packaging (cardboard sleeves) to offer our high quality products for the best possible price to our customers.
Where a lot of independent labels and artists choose to distribute home made cd-r releases nowadays, we want to make the difference by only releasing factory pressed compact discs.
Our purpose is by means of limited editions (500 copies per release) not necessarily to become a large label, but to gain recognisability and getting well-acclaimed, by releasing several releases per year.

Although we don't like to put artists and their music into boxes, we have decided to categorize our releases, because of the various directions of electronic music we are dealing with, and for the ease of the listeners who are only interested in a selection of our released music styles.
Each genre corresponds with the hereunder visualized color:


DIM genres