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Upcoming new releases available for pre-ordering

On April 11th we will have three new releases at the same time!

Following titles including sound clips have been added to our shop, and are available for pre-ordering:

 malaska firstdayofspringremy theothersidespaceart entrevues

Mäläskä - First Day of Spring (CD) - Second fully improvised album by Petter Janse and Remy Stroomer. Featuring one track with Bas Broekhuis. Containing 'classical electronic music of the future'.

REMY - The Other Side (CD) - New REMY 'solo' album, featuring four extensive electronic music pieces. Artistic collaborations by Bas Broekhuis, Judith Wesselius, Joost Verhagen and Nausikaä de Blaauw.

Space Art - Entrevues (LP) - Brand new music from the legendary French formation Space Art. Dominique Perrier invited a couple of familiar names, as well as Tommy Rizzitelli on drums, who perfectly succeeded in maintaining his father's legacy. The result is a wonderful addition to the band's catalogue, containing the classic early Space Art sound.


The new cd releases are from now packed in gatefold sleeves. More space for artwork. And REMY's "The Other Side" also includes an additional booklet.

Please pay attention to changed shipping rates. Read our previous news article related to this.