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This Is Not The End

Two new remasters have been added to our webshop:

remy thisisnottheend remy thisisnottheend bonus

REMY's "This It Not The End" was released in 2008.

On this album REMY again creates an unique atmosphere by merging some serious sequencing with subtle transitions and a wide variety of analog and digital sounds. The core might be comparable with its precedor "Sense", but "This Is Not The End" definitely is better accessible.

"This Is Not The End - bonus" came as limited edition cd-r with the first purchases of the studio album, and features two tracks which didn't make it to the final track selection for the long player.

For a limited time you can download for free the MP3's from this bonus material. Browse our webshop and add it to your cart to get the link.

September 16th the final remastered album from REMY's catalog will be available: "Exhibition of Dreams revisited". Released on cd in 2009 as "EoD".

In the meanwhile "Archives 4" is also being compiled and mastered, and REMY is as well involved into the final mixing stages of his upcoming solo album "Fears".