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Sense 10th anniversary

This year it is the tenth anniversary of "Sense". Considered to be REMY's most experimental album to date, and still one of his personal favourites.

The album marks a clear turning point into the career of REMY. It exposes various faces of the musician, varying from psychedelic, soundscapes, techno, and even classical music, to traditional electronic music.
For a large part improvised. "Sense" also contains dark vocals by Mattie van Tol.

REMY recorded a lot of music around 2006, which lead to the final selection of the tracks to appear on "Sense".

The title track doesn't appear on the album, but was released as limited edition cd-r. This freebie was given away to the first customers of the regular album.

Wouter Bessels did the remastering for all re-releases, thus also for these two albums. Actually these were the first re-masters (after his master of 2007's "This Is Not The End") he ever made of REMY's music. This lead to their current collaboration.
"Sense" and "Sense bonus" are now available from our webshop.

remy sense