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24 DECEMBER 2011
Deserted Island Music wishes everyone a great Christmas and all the best - in good health - for 2012 !!!

It has already been a couple of weeks ago since REMY's last "The Great Church Trilogy" presentation.
In the meanwhile our releases are available from various specialized mailorders, as well as a large amount of download stores. Check out our availability section, for some links. As a large amount of download stores is being done via CD Baby, this list is incomplete.
If you would like to see our music available from a specific mailorder, download site, distributor, etc., just let us know!

While we are planning things for the new year, REMY updated his blog with announcement of his upcoming projects.

5 OCTOBER 2011
The second releas on Deserted Island Music is a fact:

REMY's "The Great Church Trilogy" was released during the Electronic Circus Festival in Gütersloh, Germany.
October 15th the album will also be presented at the - sold out - E-Live Festival in Oirschot.

Earlier this week the master of "The Great Church Trilogy" was sent to the factory and the artwork will be submitted before the weekend.

Read REMY's blog for updates about this new release, which can already be pre-ordered from our website.

20 AUGUST 2011
The release date for REMY's upcoming "Live at the Great Church" album (final title to be announced soon) has been set to October 1st and will be presented at the following events:
October 1st - Electronic Circus Festival, Gütersloh, Germany
October 15th - E-Live Festival, Oirschot
November 12th - Bookmarket at the Grote- of St.Bavokerk, Haarlem

And there have been added soundclips from REMY's albums. Click directly on the title in the catalog to hear an excerpt of the specific track.

26 JULY 2011
At the moment REMY is working on a new album, containing a selection of the performances he did at the Great Church of Haarlem (2007-2010), which will be released in October on Deserted Island Music (DIM 002). REMY dedicated an item on his blog. More details to follow soon.

26 MAY 2011
This website is still being developed, but for now most important information about us and our activities can be found here!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, requirements, or suggestions to improve our website, activities, etc.
Suggestions and requestst for availability of our products on specific locations are indeed also very welcome!

16 APRIL 2011
Our first release is a fact!

REMY - "i-Dentity" (DIM 001), is presented at the annual E-Day Festival in Oirschot (Netherlands), where REMY also does a concert at the main stage, with appearances by Gert Emmens and Erik Wøllo.
The new album contains participations by Bill Fox, Gert Emmens,, Erik Wøllo and Francis Rimbert. "i-Dentity" is available from our catalog.

1 MARCH 2011
Today Deserted Island Music has been registered officially at the Chamber of Commerce!