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  • Ars Phantasia - La Papillone

    We have added a new title to our webshop:
    The beautiful, romantic and cinematic "La

  • 2019

    We are wishing you a wonderful, prosperous, musical and inspirational 2019.

  • The Return of Planet X

    "The Return of Planet X" will be the next album release, and is scheduled for October 21st....

  • The Return of Planet X

    October 21st we will release "The Return of Planet X". A collaborative project involving

  • REMY - Archives 5

    The fifth release of REMY's archives recordings is available. This edition might be the most

  • Digital downloads

    Recent releases (Mäläskä - "Uncle Jim's Cidney Factory" and REMY - "Fears") are

  • Schallwelle Awards

    We would like to wish you a wonderful, prosperous and musical 2017.

    Voting for

  • Exhibition of Dreams revisited

    With the addition of REMY's "Exhibition of Dreams revisited" (originally available as "EoD") to

  • This Is Not The End

    Two new remasters have been added to our webshop:


  • Sense 10th anniversary

    This year it is the tenth anniversary of "Sense". Considered to be REMY's most experimental

  • Exhibition of Dreams

    The first two re-release downloads have been added to our webshop:

    - REMY - Exhibition

  • REMY - Archives 2

    We have added a new download only release to our catalog:

    REMY - Archives

  • 2014

    4 JULY 2014
    Exactly one week ago that "Chill at the Castle - Electric

  • 2013

    24 DECEMBER 2013
    A wonderful Christmas and a great and healthy 2014 to

  • 2012

    25 DECEMBER 2012
    Deserted Island Music wishes all of you a great

  • 2011

    24 DECEMBER 2011

  • New website

    Welcome to the new Deserted Island Music website.
    We have updated our webshop with some