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Exhibition of Dreams 20th anniversary

This year, it is exactly 20 years ago that REMY's debut album "Exhibition of Dreams" saw the light.
To celebrate this milestone, there are going to be released new related items on October 26th.

In the first place there will be available a 20-pages artbook, containing background information, notes, artwork and photos from REMY's archives. In addition there are included written memories of people who have significantly contributed to the success of "Exhibition of Dreams".

Secondly, a strictly limited edition CD of 100 copies is going to be released: "Exhibition of Dreams in progress", and will be exclusively available as part of two different boxsets. The audio on this disc contains never released before essential audio tracks which lead to the final selection of tracks for the album as released on December 20th, 1999.

We have added following titles to our shop:

Boxset 1: "Exhibition of Dreams 20th anniversary" - Limited to 50 numbered copies
Exhibition of Dreams 2-CD
Exhibition of Dreams revisited CD
Exhibition of Dreams in progress - limited edition CD
Exhibition of Dreams 20th anniversary - 20 pages artbook

Boxset 2: "Exhibition of Dreams in progress" - Limited to 50 numbered copies
Exhibition of Dreams in progress - limited edition CD
Exhibition of Dreams 20th anniversary - 20 pages artbook

"Exhibition of Dreams 20th anniversary" 20 pages artbook

Additional offer
Buy two or more CD's from the REMY catalog, and get the "Exhibition of Dreams 20th anniversary" 20 pages artbook for free.

remy eod20artbook


The latest addition to our catalog, "Planet of the Arps", is now also available from iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and a large number of other download platforms and online music stores.
And we have added the entire Deserted Island Music catalog to Bandcamp.
So there definitely should be a way to get hold of the music we deal with.

Planet of the Arps


The seventh release on Deserted Island Music sees the light on April 6th: "Planet of the Arps".
This ambient side-project by Remy Stroomer has been a project of 8 years in the making. The final result is the original one hour piece, remixed and sublemented with elements from the solo live performance at the Zeiss Planeterium in Bochum (Germany, 2012) and the Ruïne van Brederode (Santpoort-Zuid, The Netherlands, 2014) encore, featuring Wolfram Spyra and Roksana Vikaluk.
Visit our webshop to pre-order "Planet of the Arps".

The entire Ruïne van Brederode concert can be watched here:

Ars Phantasia - La Papillone

We have added a new title to our webshop:
The beautiful, romantic and cinematic "La Papillone" is the debut by Ars Phantasia.
This fairytale for piano contains elements and atmosphere which reminds of the music of Yann Tiersen, Erik Satie and Ludovico Einaudi.
Highly recommended!
Live performances of "La Papillone" are being scheduled.

For more details, please check

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Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming (AVG)

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